Monday, December 13, 2010

Marketing of an Idea - Part 5

Now that the story and illustrations were finalized, a publisher for the app had been found, now the tough part, how to market the app to the public?

We needed a hook, an identifiable character, spokesperson or point of interest, never easy to find and very expensive usually. Went back to the illustrations and text to get ideas, it was obvious right from the start!

The main character is a cute and very positive Donkey a great "spokesanimal" for the App. Fun loving for kids, cute to the parents and easy to market through social media.

We then started to create a profile for Donkey and get him his own Twitter account, Facebook page, Digg site, etc... out there and start reaching out to people directly to generate some interest and buzz around the App.

This continues to be an ongoing and very challenging task, it is not easy to carve out a niche in the Social Media world where everyone and everything is on display 24/7/365 but it is economical and it is effective, we need to make it more efficient.

You can follow Donkey on Twitter @the1stchristmas ; on Facebook - ; on Digg -

Stay tuned for the ongoing promotional saga as we get into Contests, promos, etc...

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Helping someone realize a Dream

It is not everyday that you assist people in realizing their dreams. We are fortunate here at Bookmakers to have done just that when we helped to get "THE FIRST CHRISTMAS" released as a mobile picture book app.

True, it is not the traditional way of having a picture book published but given the rise of technology who is to say it is not the best or at least one of the smartest ways to get published.

Regardless, the person that gave voice to the animals is grateful and if you can create happiness inside one person every day, that is a really good day.

"a life long dream for me!!!!  Thanks for helping me to achieve it!" John Wilkie


Friday, December 3, 2010

"THE FIRST CHRISTMAS" App Now Available at the Itunes Store

It is a very happy day, our story has been approved and is now available at the ITunes store for download to your Ipod, Iphone and Ipad (in HD) devices.

This has been an incredible journey, a great learning experience and a lot of fun to help to bring an idea to reality and commercially available for everyone to read, see and enjoy.

I am most happy for Jodie McCallum and John Wilkie whose illustrative and writing talents will be on display in a new interactive and mobile medium for audiences to enjoy.

Thanks to our partners at Picpocket Books whose technical ability and App design is outstanding. They also completed the app and had it commercially approved in a ridiculous short time frame so that this app would be available for people to enjoy in time for Christmas.

We hope that you enjoy "THE FIRST CHRISTMAS" app and look forward to your feedback:

Link to IPad App:

Link to IPhone app:

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Donkey would like to thank Lake Erie Shores and Islands for the mention and brief write up for our mobile app in their e-newsletter, this is a link to their website:

Donkey would also like to thank the folks at Kidsville News for the two page spread in their online December edition:

They also included the details about Donkey's Coloring Contest, do not forget to enter to win a free download of 'THE FIRST CHRISTMAS":

All publicity is welcomed and much appreciated!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Origin of the Idea - Part 4

This is where I enter the story, June Ogilvie the owner of Bookmakers Ltd., agent for Jodie McCallum.

When I purchased Bookmakers Ltd. from the late Gayle McNeil, the Agency came complete with a great and very talented group of Children's Book illustrators. They have all produced and continue to produce the best Children's Book illustrations out in the marketplace today.

However, there was a clear need to diversify into other areas, and one of those was the movement to a digital medium. We started to investigate and review the epublishing space, and through our social media efforts, came across an article on Lynette Mattke, CEO of Picpocket Books.

Once we were able to connect and speak to her in person our view of the world changed and the possibilities she discussed became boundless. Once she showed us one of the mobile picture book apps that her firm produced we knew this was the right publisher for us, it was amazing! She was gracious enough to agree to help out a couple of newbies and review any materials we could send her way.

We quickly drew upon the rich content that our own group of illustrators had amassed during their career and settled on a Christmas story, given the time of year and the work's editorial and illustrative  completeness.

Thus we submitted "THE FIRST CHRISTMAS" text and illustrations to Picpocket Books for review and the real journey began in earnest!

What a fun ride it has been so far and we hope to go on many more as others submit story ideas, completed illustrations, ideas and concepts.

Stay tuned for more stories from Bookmakers Ltd. and our partners because our talented artists all have great imagination, creativity and TALENT!!!

Next Post - stay tuned for the introduction of Donkey to our social media and marketing efforts

Monday, November 29, 2010

Challenges of Social Media Sites

I do not know about everyone else but it can be a tad overwhelming when trying to connect all of the sites you need to be visible on, in order to promote and market yourself and your services.

Everyone is just a little different and seems to require different levels of engagement and programming/verification to work properly.

We have tried to stick to those most relevant but time will tell if we have chosen wisely, but given the reach and potential exposure it is well worth the effort and sometimes frustration that these social media sites pose.

Donkey would like to announce that we are now part of the DIGG community and our followers can check out our profile and information there as well. That is assuming we have done everything correctly, please be patient, not easy to type with hooves.


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Waiting for Approval

I have made it to the final hurdle before I can become a full fledged mobile picture book app.

Me and the other characters from "THE FIRST CHRISTMAS" have been submitted along with the full story to the Apple itunes store for approval.

We owe big thanks to the great folks at Picpocket Books who are publishing my story.

Wish us LUCK!!!

Remember the coloring contest, enter soon!